FAQ & Listing Guidelines 

What do I add to my listing?

Anything you like! Check out the sample provider listing here. ​

How often can I update my listing?

Free listings can be updated twice per calendar year. ​

Can I share a listing?

Only businesses that share a practice or a space can share a listing. If you share a space, you can have either a listing for the space and include all providers, but it's a better bet to have individual listings and hashtag the listing with your shared space or clinic name. 

How do I get to be featured?

Members will have their listings featured on a rotational basis! You will be notified when your listing is being featured so that you can share in on your social media & take advantage of the extra eyes! 

Are there rules for listings? 

Yes. There is no space for dishonesty, predatory marketing, fear-based marketing, hate-speech, or discrimination in our resource guide. We request and encourage you to use inclusive language and avoid cultural-appropriative terminology when writing your listing. Thank you. 

I want to add video to my listing. How do I do that? 

Video is a member benefit. Join our membership for $25/year to add video to your listing! 

Membership Benefits

Unlimited edits and updates 

Video in listings 

Featured Listings 

2 free ads per year 

Access to the members-only forum and events

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