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Thanks for your interest in Aqua4Life Watsu Portland! With over 14 years of experience in the Physical Therapy and Massage world, and the knowledge gained from studying pregnancy and birth alongside his wife, a Full Spectrum Doula, Victor offers Watsu to pregnant women, infants, and young children. Watsu (Water+Shiatsu) is a therapeutic movement and massage modality, offered in a pool heated to near body temperature.

Due to the weightlessness of the water environment, Watsu is an ideal wellness practice for pregnancy. As if in the womb herself, the mother feels warm, secure, and serene, which creates the ideal environment for nurturing the connection between mother and baby, as well as strengthening trust and acceptance of the journey ahead.  Watsu can help pregnant women with pain relief, loosening joints for birth preparation, deep relaxation, labor stimlulation, proper baby positioning, and baby bonding.

“The sessions I had with Víctor during pregnancy were stellar—from his movement technique to his craneo-sacral work (my personal fav) to his muscle untangling, all while floating in a blissfully warm, private pool. The best was the ability to deeply feel in to my pelvis, and my legs, find a safe medium for trying positions, and stretching; connecting with my own body and baby, like creating a partnership with her.” Jessie

Watsu also offers an exceptionally comforting and safe environment for infants and young children who can truly experience free movement in the water, and relax deeply. Watsu can help with soothing digestion, improving muscle tone and joint function, enhancing health following a challenging birth or other traumatic experience, and promoting good sleep patterns.

"My infant has benefited from Watsu in his sleep patterns as well as tendencies to hold tension in certain places in his body. I also believe Watsu will help Atlas become more familiar and aware of his body early in life. Victor was incredible with Atlas and sensitive to his needs. A baby whisperer!"  ~Tara, LMT and Infant Massage Instructor Victor offers Watsu at the DolFUN SWIM Academy in NE Portland on Wednesdays afternoon, and Fridays morning. DolFUN's 94 degree private pool employs a Nature2 Sanitation System that uses patented mineral-bed technology to provide crystal clear water and improved water quality, and to reduce the chorine up to 80%. Supporting Life from the very beginning

Becoming a father in 2010, Victor discovered a new passion for the power of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. It is his most sincere belief that we can make this world a better place by better caring for pregnancy, birth, and the first few months of a child's life. #watsu #watermassage #aquaticbodywork #bodywork #shiatsu #prenatalmassage #infantmassage #portland


Victor Barreda Pazos

Watsu Practitioner OR LMT # 22189 (503) 863-4286 Aqua4Life Watsu Portland

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