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"And when our baby stirs and struggles to be born it compels humility: what we began is now its own."

-Margaret Mead

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Why BirthWork NW?

BirthWork NW is a one-stop guide to all types of providers working in birth and the first childbearing years in the Pacific Northwest. Sometimes the birth work field can feel a bit like a secret club. BirthWork NW seeks to end that secrecy by providing an easy and searchable resource guide that showcases everyone the PNW has to offer!

Don't see yourself or your favorite provider on here? Reach out and let them know that they can have a free listing on BirthWork NW! 

BirthWork NW was started by Bryna Sampey, IBCLC, a doula and lactation consultant who believes in community and access to care. She wants to make sure everyone who wants services can have them- and works toward advocacy for supporting 
families to reach their individual definitions of success. Learn more about Bryna here